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“Your goal is our goal”

At Re|Claim Fitness we take your health and fitness goals seriously. Whether your goal is weight loss, toning up, building muscle, rehabilitation or athletic training our Certified Personal Trainers will help you reach your goal. We offer a wide range of options, from one on one training, partner training and small group training in our Tribe 2190 Club, there is something to fit every schedule and budget.

At Re|Claim Fitness we use the NASM Corrective Exercise approach to make sure that you reach your goals safely and injury free all while incorporating the latest trends in the fitness industry. Our friendly and professional training staff hold certifications in NASM, ACE, TRX, Corrective Exercise and more combined with decades of personal training experience.

For many people, working with an experienced fitness trainer makes them work harder and keeps them accountable. At first, it can be difficult and overwhelming to stick to a new routine or feel confident in the gym. However, a personal fitness trainer from Re|Claim Fitness is ready and willing to provide the assurance and guidance needed to succeed. They’ll help maximize your workout, avoid injury and give you tips on proper form and machine usage.

Re|Claim Fitness offers a one-on-one fitness coach, partner training and small group classes to fit the interests of every gym-goer. If you are unsure how to start or feeling intimidated, we can help you establish a great routine and meet those fitness goals. At Re|Claim Fitness, your dreams are within reach.

If you’ve been looking for a personal trainer in Mokena or New Lenox, see a manager or member of the training staff for your Free Reset Evaluation today and get on the right track to meeting your fitness goals. Together we can do it!

Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Nutrition Coach
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology
Associate Degree in Sports and Recreation Management

My fitness journey started years ago after struggling with my fitness and health. I knew I needed a change when my body weight had affected me so much that I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I began exercising regularly and began feeling better and fuller of life. I chose to go back to school to learn more about fitness to learn about the process of personal training for my benefit. I wanted to be my own personal trainer, but the more I learned about exercise science, the more I knew that I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as I could because finding your fitness or a new fitness level can be life-transforming.I earned my Personal Trainer certification from Moraine Valley and the National Academy of Sports Medicine along with my Nutrition Coaching certificate. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning and minoring in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology from Concordia University Chicago. From my experience becoming healthier and my education, I have developed an aspiration to help others achieve their goal of becoming healthier through movement because exercise IS medicine.

I have trained in a wide range of fitness disciplines, and I am sure that I have something to offer people of all different fitness levels and experiences. My training specialties range from cardiovascular endurance to strength and power to balance to sports conditioning. Although I enjoy training people of all activity levels, whether training for a competition or just starting, as I did years ago, creating a program tailored to your individual needs and goals while making it fun and engaging would be my honor.
Health, Wellness, and Fitness is my passion and my calling. With a positive attitude towards real change and my knowledge and experience, we will change your body and life. So let’s get better together and become your best self!

Barb Trost 
Certified Fitness Coach
Group Fitness Director
Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified
TRX Certified
After a 10 year career in corporate America and time as a stay at home mom with 2 kids, I decided to follow my true passion and achieved my personal training certification through ISSA in 2005. I have trained a wide range of clients from 13 to 80 years young and have loved watching each one of them learn how to embrace fitness in their own unique ways. My training philosophy goes well beyond just counting reps, it’s about making a decision to change your life and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. I take an entire mind/body approach so that my clients will see AND feel their results. Fitness is truly a science and no two people are exactly alike so I customize programs unique to each client and their needs and goals. With motivation, dedication and education anyone regardless of their fitness level can achieve success. If you are ready to make the decision to change your live I am ready to accept the challenge of guiding you!


Colleen McMahon
Certified Fitness Coach
Personal Trainer
ACE Certified

I have been involved in health and fitness my entire life. I was a gymnast for 10 years growing up, so I have always understood the importance of strength and conditioning. With this background, I enjoy designing unique body weight exercises and circuits that improve strength, endurance, and stability. I have taken advanced courses in health, fitness, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and also power lifting. After high school I went on to get my ACE Certification and became a trainer in 2011. I have been an NPC National Figure competitor since 2012. I wanted to show my clients by changing my diet and focusing on my weight training that I could transform my own body. I specialize in extreme weight loss and body sculpting. I have worked with both men and women ranging from ages 13-75 years old. Personal training has always been a passion of mine and I feel more gratified with every person that I can help attain their health and wellness goals.
Dan Borucki
Certified Fitness Coach
Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified
I am committed to providing a level of service that is focused on the individual whatever his or her needs and goals may be. I strive to encourage, support and challenge all my clients to feel stronger, healthier and more confident and to find fitness programs they will truly enjoy and look forward to each day. I believe that fitness enhances every aspect of a person’s well being, not only physical but mental as well. By combining a well-balanced nutrition plan coupled with a consistent exercise routine and the proper drive and commitment, realistic and attainable goals can be met. I look forward to seeing you attain the levels of fitness you are striving for.
Christian Edwards
N.E.S.T.A. C.S.N.C.
B.S. HealthCare Administration
Christian Edwards C.S.N.C has over 12 years of training experience, sports nutrition, supplementation, and overall prepping & coaching for any occasion.

Christian competes in men’s open competitive bodybuilding, which fuels a passion for what he does, being transforming clients both mentally & physically, ridding the tiring myths & fashions in the fitness industry.

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