Free Fitness Consultation

Joining one of our Re|Claim Fitness locations automatically qualifies you for a free fitness consultation. In this personalized fitness consultation, you’ll get the chance to talk with one of our skilled staff members about your overall health picture and how to improve it — starting you on the right track to reap the best benefits from your membership.

This gym consultation gives you an effective fitness plan. With that in mind, expect your personal trainer consultation to include a thorough look at your workout history, health goals and questions. We’ll also give you a tour of our facilities, and run through a brief warmup and workout. Expect to leave your athletic trainer consultation excited and empowered with your personalized fitness plan.

Your gym consultation is individualized to you. Having a one-on-one personal trainer consultation equips you to maximize workouts, as well as to understand what is and isn’t working in current routines.

Ready to learn more and book your exercise consultation? Get a membership, sign up for training or reach out anytime.