5-Day Free Gym Trial

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Trying to find the right fitness center to fit your exercise needs? Maybe you’re undecided on whether joining a gym is the best next step in your fitness journey. A free gym day pass can help you explore the benefits of a gym lifestyle without the commitment.

At Re|Claim Fitness, we offer a 5-Day gym pass that serves as a trial of our facility. This free week gym pass gives you a look into all of our amenities — including a fully equipped gym floor, massage/recovery equipment, certified coaches and trainers, and more. Tour the facility. Ask our staff about membership options. Try a few workouts with a free 5-Day gym pass at our New Lenox or Mokena location.

Sign up for a 5-day gym pass below and join the Re|Claim Fitness experience.

Why should you choose Re|Claim Fitness? With state-of-the-art equipment, flexible hours, diverse classes and a community atmosphere, we offer everything you need and want in a gym. When you stop by for your free gym trial, you can meet our friendly, helpful staff and learn more about the expert guidance we can provide to help ensure your experience with us meets all your expectations.

What to Expect During Your Free Gym Trial

  • Personalized fitness assessment – As part of your free gym pass, our experts can perform an assessment to review your fitness levels and goals.
  • Tour of the facility – To get the most out of your free gym trial, we’ll show you around the entire facility and go over the machines, classes and other amenities for your use.
  • Usage of the entire gym – Unlike other gyms, with our one-week gym pass, you get complete access to our whole gym to better round out your experience.
  • Q&A with our experts – Our staff is available throughout the course of your one-week gym pass to answer any and all of your questions.


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