Drink your way thin?

If you’ve been interested in fitness and health for more than a minute, then you know by now how important drinking plenty of water is for getting your body into top shape. But do you drink enough water? And is it really going to impact your results? Why Water Matters Your body is made up […]

Is afterburn real?

You’ve probably heard that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) produces an afterburn effect, which means your body continues to burn extra calories at an elevated rate for 24 hours after the completion of your workout. Sure that’s sounds amazing, but is it too good to be true? The Science of Afterburn There is a scientific […]

Tips to Good Exercise Routine

If you’re tired of the treadmill, step off that beaten belt and also attempt an extra stimulating endurance challenge: rowing workouts. Muscular tissue Groups Muscle Up With Minimum Equipment The rack-free muscle building fitness center is about doing much more with much less. Plus, you are utilizing the same piece of equipment in one place […]

A Case for The Burpee

Oh, the dreaded burpee. We love to complain about this uniquely punishing movement, and try to avoid doing them as much as possible. But have you ever stopped to wonder where the burpee came from and why this torturous exercise is a favorite of fitness professionals across the globe? Burpees: A Short History Royal H. […]