The Snap-Back Effect

According to popular statistics, only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions are successfully kept. This means that 92% of us that are brave enough to set out for self-improvement will fail. Those aren’t very good odds. Thankfully there is science that explains this curious “Snap-Back Effect” and offers us tools to make the effect work in […]

Fight Holiday Pounds

The holidays have arrived with all the high-calorie food and drinks of the season. It’s really no wonder why most of us gain weight during the next five weeks. Sweet temptations are everywhere. Holiday cookies, gingerbread houses, pumpkin pies, and more. Even healthy foods like sweet potatoes and green beans are somehow transformed into high-calorie […]

3 Dinners You Can Throw Together After Work

Having a busy day with work and errands and meetings? You aren’t alone. Most people complain of simply not having enough time at the end of their day to cook a healthy dinner. This I’m-too-busy-to-cook mentality leads to unhealthy dinner choices from restaurants and fast food chains. And like you’ve heard before, you can exercise […]

This Helped Our Clients

ReClaim has a message for you today that has the potential to help you break through to your fitness goal. It’s something that we like to share withour most dedicated clients… There’s a struggle happening in you between two very different sides. One side of you wants to turn over a new leaf. To stop […]

Have you cooked like this before? (so easy)

Getting healthy meals on the table each night can be a challenge – so we are really excited to come across this amazingly simple cooking technique that dramatically reduces the fat and carb count of your favorite recipes! We’re referring to the foolproof technique of baking in parchment paper packets, also called “en papillote.” Meat, […]