How to Stick to Your 2017 Goals

Lifestyle change > Short-term gain

Crash diets and other extreme weight loss plans may yield immediate results, but they’re not maintainable in the long-term. Instead of taking a short-term approach in the beginning of the year, think of your health and fitness resolutions as a total lifestyle change; your journey is not just about getting into shape, but more importantly, it’s about staying in shape and working towards your overall health goals.

Find balance

Since you’ve decided to make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle, you know it’s not realistic to say you will never eat another cookie in your entire life. Instead of restricting the foods you love, create a balance. Maybe it’s following a healthy eating regime while at home and work, but allowing yourself to indulge in your favorite foods when you eat out with your friends, have dinner parties, or attend events.

Sticking to something one hundred percent of the time is challenging – especially if you set hardcore fitness goals. So if you feel yourself needing a break, try incorporating meditation into your daily routine, or going for a relaxing massage. Taking time to de-stress will allow you to tackle your fitness goals with renewed energy.

Write down your goals

We mentioned this in our last post about New Year’s resolutions. There’s something about checking items off a list that is so satisfying. Write down your new year health and fitness goals so you can have that satisfaction of checking it off once you’ve achieved your goals. Then, put your list somewhere visible so you are reminded of your goal and hold yourself accountable. There are a ton of apps to help you keep track of your goals.

Find a workout buddy

Another way to stay on top of your goals is to have someone else hold you accountable. Whether it’s a friend, significant other, or even co-worker, having a workout buddy makes the process more fun and motivating. If you don’t have anyone to join you in your health & fitness journey, hiring a personal trainer helps many people stick to their goals.

A workout buddy at work can be really valuable, especially if you work in an office. Recent studies suggest that extended sitting can cause almost as much damage to your health as smoking. To counteract the effects office life can have on your health, try a standing desk, always taking the stairs, or taking a ‘walking lunch’ in warmer months. If there’s a gym nearby, check out the class schedule to see if you can take a fun class on your lunch break. This will invigorate you for the rest of the day, and doesn’t involve waking up early, or cutting into your down time in the evening.

Keep it interesting

One of the main reasons people give up on their fitness goals is because they get bored of the same routine. Whether in your workouts or your diet, don’t be afraid to try something new and change things up.

If you love the outdoors, try hiking or biking around your city. Even in winter your community probably has great trails and paths yet to be discovered.