Valentine’s Day Ideas

This is the time of year we give a “flying diaper baby” credit for helping our love lives.

Did you know there are things you can do this time of year to enrich this day?


Yes, the halls of history and relics can be a fun alternative to the more common approaches. If you are someone who likes to walk; spend time walking with your boo and gain a bit of culture in the process.

City Parks

Many large and small communities offer open space and city parks. Go jogging with that special someone and enjoy the view as you run. Take time and sit on a bench and watch the wonders around you.

Tennis Courts

What better sport on “heart’s” day than to play a game that talks about “love”. Get your heart-rate increased as you volley back and forth. Not only will you raise your cardio; you can have fun talking smack with each return.

These are just simple and cost-effective ideas for spending quality time together. It does not require a bunch of green and you are something physical to add to your well-being.

Love is more than special words. It’s also quality of heart.